Mark in the kitchenTony Pepperoni started in 2003 when my two brothers and I created a vision of opening a pizzeria that prided itself in quality food and quality service at an affordable price. We opened and maintained our personal vision and are proud of the food and service we dish out on a daily basis. Our dedication to our craft and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is evident in our high-quality food and friendly atmosphere. 

The ownership and staff at Tony Pepperoni spent a great amount of time and energy selecting the products that go into a Tony Pepperoni pizza, sub, or order of chicken wings. The DiPaola brothers wanted to make sure that they were using the best ingredients in their product.  With little debate, the best quality products were selected:

Our commitment to quality is what makes our pizza Rochester's best. We are proud to serve you and thank you for your continued business.


The DiPaola brothers: Mark, Michael, and Daniel